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SEO Module Ecosystem

The SEO Module implements a documented API that other module use to implement functionality
Every module is build together with SEO Experts and has passed real live store testings, generating great results for our clients
Separation of responsibilities
Every SEO Module is responsible for an Area in SEO and provides it’s own API that is used between other modules

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Every SEO Module has a list of unique features that are built to work together and provide the best SEO result

SEO Module

SEO Module

The heart of the SEO Module Ecosystem

  • Implements the SEO Module API
  • Adds Target Keywords to Product,
  • Category, Manufacturer, information and static pages,
  • .htaccess file editor robots.txt file editor

SEO Module PRO

SEO Module PRO

All in One SEO pack - all modules included

  • SEO Module Url
  • SEO Module Meta
  • SEO Module Manager
  • SEO Module Adviser

SEO Module Url

SEO Module Url

Take control of your SEO Urls forever

  • Multilanguge SEO Urls
  • Supports other modules like Blog
  • Canonicals, hreflang, Pagination
  • Unique urls, 404 redirect, Dashboards
Patric Anderson
SEO Expert
“This is by far the most advanced SEO extension on opencart market or any other CMS driven community. The amount of features is overwhelming, yet it is so nicely distributed between modules, that you can start using it out of the box. It is a true masterpeace.”
Michael Bovetsky
CEO of "MG Polis"
“We were simply amazed by the results. We have tried all of the top rated SEO extensions, and none of them could offer this amount of features. After a month of using SEO module, our google traffic doubled. We have never see anything like it. Amazing.”
Anton Sukhov
SEO Expert at "FreshSEO"
“We have participated in the development of SEO Module for over a year now. We couldn't be more satisfied. All our ideas were implemented and now we can use them by just clicking a button. It is the perfect solution and we use it every day on all our Opencart projects.”
We are here to help you get the best out of SEO module. We are a team of professional developers and SEO experts. So yeah, we got your back.

The code of SEO module is Open source

Opencart SEO Module

SEO in opencart — is it that important?

First of all let’s agree on what is SEO aka Search Engine Optimization. For us SEO is a process of optimizing your website content to help Search engines better understand it make them like it enough to show at the top of the results.

When you launch a new Opencart Store, you rarely think of SEO at first. SEO becomes some sort of extra marketing effort and is thought to be an extra cost and even an unnecessary one.

But once you learn that 90% of all online experiences start from searching and 60% of them use Google, you start to notice the missed opportunities. Especially when you find out that the first page gets 90% of all the clicks and the top 3 — 60%.

If you are not the first — you are last

E-commerce, unlike any other online business, relies heavily on SEO and Search marketing. That is why Amazon spends over $2 Billion on Search marketing. That’s right — Billion.

How to begin with Opencart SEO Optimization

Now that you have learned how SEO is crucial to your Opencart online business, you are facing a new task — where to start to Optimize your Opencart Store?

Should you do it yourself, or opt for professional services, you will still require specific coding adjustments to your Opencart store.

Opencart, as popular as it is, was never focused on SEO. Its main goal was offering a robust online shopping cart and sure, it has SEO URLs and meta tags, but that is probably the end of it.

Where does any professional SEO for Opencart start?

Any SEO expert, when starting with Opencart SEO Optimization, will offer a set of basic code fixes and enhancements to separate Title tag and H1 tag, add robots tags, remove logo link loop, add social tags, micro formats, fix image alt and titles etc.

This on-the-page SEO usually adds up to a long list of Opencart customs fixes and enhancements the is priced somewhere from $200 to $1000.

And then you find out that you can simply install a SEO Module that will do all of that for a fraction of the cost.
What Opencart modules for SEO should you use?

Now that you learned about SEO Extensions that can save you money and time while implementing all the required SEO fixes for just a fraction of the price of a developer, you start to look for one.

An eventually you find out that there are hundreds of Opencart modules for SEO, with about a dozen worth your while.

As the market for SEO plugins evolved, a price for an all-in-one SEO extension has been defined — $100. That is the price for a one domain license. So of the developers also add free installation into it. Going below this price threshold will usually result to poorly coded extensions, limited functionality and no support.

An believe me, you don’t want to be left alone with a SEO Module with low quality and and no clue how to fix a compatibility issue.

What is the best SEO Extension?

When looking for a SEO plugin for opencart you quickly find yourself picking between several popular ones, like Opencart seo pack, SEO Backpack, SEO all-in-one and of course SEO Module by Dreamvention.

They are all priced approximately the same, but are they the same? In terms of the functionality they offer, they are actually very much similar, yet only one stands out.

You guessed it - the SEO Module and here is why. We have been doing SEO for over 5 years now and we had working with over 100 Opencart Shops, doing Internal and External SEO. We have used all these modules many times and we have noticed one thing - you can’t have it all.

Let me explain why. Opencart is evolving quite fast, adding new features and changing old ones. It is often the case that one third-party module can offer a set amount of features. Extending this list results into an exponential growth of possible bugs and compatibility issues.

So there is a physical limit to the amount of features one module can offer. Same goes for a SEO plugin. What is also very important to understand, is that there is usually only one developer working on one module at a time. This too limits the amount of features possible.

So knowing this from 5 years of module development, we decided to do the opposite of what every body is doing - trying to squeeze all the possible features and functions into one SEO extension, thus creating a huge amount of compatibility issues for its customers.

We decided to make lots of features focused extensions working together simultaneously via an API. Thus came the SEO Module API.

What is SEO Module and why is it better than every other SEO extension on the market?

Because, we wanted to offer the most complete SEO solution possible - we went with extensibility. We developed the SEO Module API, that is a documented list of methods, that is used by other SEO Modules to communicate with each other and implement strictly focused features.

For example the SEO Module URL is responsible for SEO Urls. So if any other extension requires SEO Urls, it will use the API to call required methods to implement its custom SEO Url, without creating its own methods and avoiding future compatibility issues.

This may sound a bit strange for a person not with a developer background, but it is basically a standard in development nowadays.

“Divide and conquer” would be the best way of defining this concept. The SEO Module is already the most feature rich SEO extension when compared with other SEO plugins.

But for us it is just the beginning. We have already planed 5 new awesome SEO Modules that are focused on copywriting, social media, internal linking, external linking and more.

So in other words, the SEO Module is not even comparable with the rest of SEO extensions on the market because it doesn’t offer a list of SEO fixes and features, it offers a new approach for development and unlimited customization possibilities.

Where can I try the SEO Module and learn what it can do for your Opencart Store?

If you want to take a look at the SEO Module and give a test drive, you can do it right here on this page. Just enter your Name and Email. We will send you an email with a link to your Opencart Sandbox with SEO Module installed and ready to work.

You can play around with it and try all the features for free.

If you already have an Opencart Store and would like to analyse your SEO rating, you can do this on Opencart SEO analyser. This analyser will check your Opencart store to see how optimized it is page by page. It will show you your SEO rating, an Overview of all your SEO issues and a detailed list of all issues per page.

The SEO analyser will also recommend you solution that you can implement to increase your SEO ranking.

So now you know how you can improve your Opencart SEO, what are you going to do now?