SEO urls are the fundamental keystone in successful SEO. Opencart has a built-in option to add humanly readable SEO urls to your website, yet it is lacking some key features that every web shop requires, such as uniqueness, Multilanguage and structure.

If you have been using Opencart for a while now or even if you are just starting, most likely you have seen such long misleading urls as


This is typical for OpenCart but it is not the best Url for Search engines and your visitors. You want it to look like this


With SEO Module Url you can. But before you start writing your SEO urls, you should learn some tricks to writing the perfect SEO Url.

11 tips for writing the perfect SEO Url

  1. Add your one main keyword at the beginning of the url.
  2. Do not do keyword repetition – it doesn’t work
  3. Less structuring. Don’t go below 3 folders.
  4. Exclude dynamic parameters when possible. SEO Module URL does that for you.
  5. Canonicalize your Urls if you have different urls for the same purpose.
  6. Keep your SEO Urls short. 50-60 characters tops.
  7. Match your SEO Urls to your h1 most of the time.
  8. Don’t include stop words – they just take up characters.
  9. No punctuation please. They will most likely look ugly after being encoded.
  10. Use only hyphens to separate works. Avoid underscores.
  11. Some servers are case sensitive – always write your SEO Ulrs in lowercase.

Why are SEO Urls so important?

  1. A better user experience. SEO Urls allow anyone to get a basic understanding of what to expect after visiting the link. Users will now what to expect and will click more.
  2. Ranking factor. Although SEO Urls are not a major ranking factor, keywords in them may add points to your SEO.
  3. Anchor text. If you write your SEO Urls the right way, you get the link anchor text just by posting the link in a blog post or comment.
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