Writing eye-catching headlines is one of the most important tasks in SEO. H1 and H2 are still one of the key factors in search engine ranking and they are the first thing your visitors see and decide if they should stay or leave. 80% of the first-page search results use h1.

By investing a relatively small amount of time into learning how to write perfect h1s you can dramatically increase your ranking in search results and therefore your sales.

What google says about h1?

You should use it for header and heading. It was meant for that in the first place. Spare your H1s, don’t overdo it. Google will not give you extra credit.

What are h1 and h2 in SEO?

H1 is and html tag that represents the heading of the page. Usually a post of product will have their title set in h1. It is often styled to be larger than the rest of the text to stand out and become the first peace of content that a visitor reads. Usually one page should have just on h1 tag. No more, no less. It should contain your target keyword.

H2 is a subheading and should also contain target keywords relevant to the following text. It helps you separate your content into subsections making it easier for the visitor to read. Usually it is larger than your normal text yet it should be smaller than h1.

11 tips for writing the perfect h1 and h2

  1. Use only one h1 tag on a page.
  2. Write attention grabbing headlines.
  3. Don’t copy your meta title.
  4. Keep it short – up to 70 characters.
  5. Use your long tail keyword in your h1 and h2.
  6. Your h2 is perfect for catching those long tail keywords.
  7. Don’t target the same keywords on different pages.
  8. Don’t do keyword stuffing – doesn’t work.
  9. Keep it unique
  10. Put your h1 at the top of the page.
  11. The closer to the opening tag – the better.

What about h3 and h4, h5, h6 tags. Do they matter?

If h3 tag may have at least some influence on your search rank, the rest of the tags such as h4, h5 and h6 won’t give you and search traffic boost. These heading still are a good way of structuring your content and making it more readable for the customer.

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