There are several ways of installing SEO Module.

  1. With Shopunity (recommended)
  2. With Extension Installer
  3. With FTP

We recommend using Shopunity since it is the fastest and easiest way. And even if you opt for one of the other two, you are still required to install Shopunity for the dependencies to be installed correctly.

Installing SEO Module with Shopunity

Before you can install with Shopunity, you need to have the Shopunity extension installed. Here are the instructions.

When you have installed the Shopunity extension, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Admin / Extensions / Modules / Shopunity
  2. Go to tab Marketplace
  3. Click “Get” SEO Module Complete

You will be offered to purchase the Extension or claim a Voucher.

  • If you purchased this extension on another marketplace less than a year ago, you can search for the voucher with your Email and Order/Purchase id.
  • If you did not purchase yet, you will need to add Shopunity Credit to your account (paypal)

When you have purchased the license of the extension or used your voucher, you can now install the SEO Module Complete.

Click Install.

How to update the SEO Module Complete with Shopunity

Updating is very much the same as installing. Yet, you will most likely update each of the SEO Modules separately, since new versions will come out in different time. Also new SEO Modules, that are part of the SEO Module Complete may also be released and you will be able to install them as well.

How to Install SEO Module with Extension Installer

If you have purchased the SEO Module Complate on OpenCart Market or anywhere else, you are provided with ZIP Archives of all the SEO Modules.

First install Shopunity Extension. This is required for all the extensions to be installed correctly since most of them have dependencies that will be installed by Shopunity.

Important! If you do not install Shopunity first, you SEO Modules will be installed without dependencies and they will not work. Please check this before send a support ticket.

  1. Go to Admin / Extensions / Extension Installer
  2. Select your first ZIP Archive (be sure to upload the correct OpenCart version)
  3. Go to Admin / Extensions / Modules
  4. Activate (Click install) next to you new SEO Module

Repeat this process for all of the SEO Modules you install.

How to update SEO Module with Extension Installer

Updating with Extension Installer is very similar, yet you may see one difference. A new version of SEO Module may have a new dependency. You should have your Shopunity installed and connected before updating.

Dependencies are other small modules and libraries that have a common functionality and are used by other Major Extensions. To keep your OpenCart code clean (DRY) we capsulate such common code into reusable extensions, which are then installed automaticly by Shopunity. So without Shopunity you would be required to install them manually which is not the best thing to do.

How to install SEO Module with FTP

If you ever installed extensions in OpenCart, you most definitely done it through FTP, so I will not explain to you how to connect to your FTP. If you want, you can read about this here.

Here are the steps to install SEO Module with FTP

  1. First install and activate Shopunity module
  2. The install and activate the core SEO Module (free)
  3. Only when you have Shopunity installed, unzip the Archive and upload all the files from the Upload folder into your OpenCart root folder (that is your main folder)
  4. Go to Admin / Extensions / Modules and find the SEO Module you just uploaded
  5. Click install.

Important! Remember that any SEO Module requires SEO Module (free version) to be installed and activated first.

How to update SEO Module with FTP

Just like you would install the extension, you can update the SEO Module with FTP. Unzip the archive and upload all the files into your root folder, rewriting all the files.

If the new version has a new dependency, you will be redirected to Shopunity admin panel and asked to install the required dependencies manually by clicking the install button (still better than using the ftp)

If you need help with installation?

If you need help with the installation, please feel free to send us a ticket at A developer will assist you as soon as possible.

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