SEO Module has a full Multi-store support. This means that all SEO parameters can be separated for different stores inside one Opencart Installation.

Quick Tip!

You can define which SEO parameters should be Mutli-store and which should be unified for all store setups.
Go to Admin / SEO Module / Multi Store Field Settings and turn on/off the parameters you wish to be Mutli-store.

Opencart has multi-store, yet it is not fully implemented, for example:

  • You can not have multi-store Meta title, Meta description or Meta keywords
  • You can not have a multi-store description per product, category, information or manufacturer.
  • Only starting from Opencart 3 SEO Urls became Multi store and Multilanguage.

All these features are available in Opencart SEO Module starting from Opencart 2. So now you can have full control over your Multi-store setup.

Multi-store support is optional

Yes, you can actually decide if you want specific SEO parameters to be multi-store or not. Simply visit SEO Module / Multi store field settings and opt the SEO parameters you wish to have multi store support.

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