SEO Module Manager

SEO Module Manager
SEO module Manager
Bulk edit all your SEO data like meta, urls, focus keywrods etc. Import/Export to excel.
Bulk edit of all SEO data
This is a must have feature for any professional SEO expert. You want to see all the SEO data in one place and be able to edit it. It should also be multilanguage too. And thanks to our API, and other module can add more fields so you really get to edit all of it.
Export/Import with Excel
SEO editing is time consuming. And sometimes you just want to use those nice excel formulas to create SEO metas and URLs. Well now you can: just export it to excel, edit, and import back. Its that easy. And its multilanguage too.
Extensible with API
The manager is basically an api that allows you to include more SEO fields to its table and Export/Import with excel. So that you really have the full control over your SEO modules.
Auto-update SEO rating
We all came to know and love this amazing feature of SEO ecosystem, yet wouldn't it be great to see the whole picture at a glance. And actually manage all of it from one location. Now you can.
Install with Shopunity
Download and install shopunity module
Register here if you still haven’t done it
Connect your store in the shopunity admin panel inside your opencart store
Start installing modules from our market
Full list of features
  • Multi store
  • Multi language
  • Premium Support
  • Bulk edit Product, Category, Manufacturer and information
  • Installable via, extension installer or FTP
  • Multilanguage bulk edit
  • Export/Import to excel
  • Extensible with API
  • Auto-update SEO rating


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Last Update6 Apr 2017