SEO Module Url

SEO Module Url
SEO module URL
The automated url generator with customization and 404 redirect features
Auto-generate with Multilanguage
You can generate multilanguage urls. With the built-in Translit feature you can also translit your urls to latin. Set a language prefix to your Urls, or include a language subfolder – its up to you.
Broken links and Smart redirect Manager
Its quite important to fix your broken links. Though you should not over do it, its still best to redirect old urls to their new counterpart. With our smart broken link redirect feature, you won't have to worry about that. If the user makes a mistake in the URL, it will redirect him to the closest logical URL, notifying you about such a mistake.
Auto-create on Insert
Once you define the template, the module will create all the urls for you when you create a new product, category, manufacturer or information.
Url professional features
You can setup long or short urls for you products or categories, you can define the correct breadcrumbs path for you products and never worry about misleading google with that, define language href in the head, fix final slash in the category urls, remove internal dynamic links and many more.
SEO rating
This module adds more insights to your SEO Adviser that go into your SEO rating. So you can be sure to optimise your Meta like a pro.
Install with Shopunity
Download and install shopunity module
Register here if you still haven’t done it
Connect your store in the shopunity admin panel inside your opencart store
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Full list of features
  • Multi store
  • Multi language
  • Premium Support
  • Edit meta for category, product, manufacturer and information pages
  • Meta data includes: title, meta description, meta keyworks, custom title h1, custom image title, custom image alt
  • Automatic generation of meta data
  • Customize meta per item of category, product, manufacturer and information pages
  • Installable via, extension installer or FTP
  • Edit Home meta data
  • Edit Specials meta data
  • Clear all feature
  • Simulator
  • Add symbols to your meta to increase CTR
  • Insert h2 in product description
  • SEO URL widget included
  • SEO toolbar widget included
  • SEO rating insights for meta included


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Last Update 31 Mar 2017
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