SEO Module is the first OpenCart SEO Extension to introduce Target Keywords for SEO (aka Focus keywords) - a fundamental concept in SEO. If you have read anything about SEO, target keywords are the first thing you will read about.

Target keywords or phrases are the words or combination of words people type into the search field of Google. This is where SEO starts and it is the first most important part of your SEO strategy.

Understand what are “Longtail” keywords in SEO

When people start researching they often pick the most searched keywords. Of course, if you rank high, you will get great traffic. But such popular terms only add up to 30% of all the searches in the world. The other 70% are so called “Longtail” keywords that have low search frequency and sometimes are searched only once or twice in their lifetime.

What’s great about these keywords is that the competition is very low and as it turned out, visitors from such searches are more likely to convert then from popular keywords. So, if you want to get more traffic with a higher conversion rate, you should optimize your target keywords to focus on the long tail.

How to optimize target keywords for SEO?

Every SEO strategy starts from planning you target keywords.

To find the perfect target keyword for blog, product or category page, follow these steps:

  1. Brainstorm your keywords for your page
  2. Extend your list with long tail keyword opportunities
  3. Filter out high competition keywords
  4. Check real competition by searching for these keywords
  5. Refine your list and pick 3-10 relevant target keywords per page

Tools to use when researching target keywords for SEO

You have picked a keyword, now let’s research it to find out what the frequency of searches done per month and the difficulty of the keyword.

Here are just some of the most populate tools:

  1. - although this tool is meant for Adwords users, its perfect for webmasters to get some basic insights on the target keywords: number of searches per month, difficulty and other relevant keywords that you can use together on one page.
  2. - a very simple yet powerful keyword planner. The free version will give hundreds of relevant keywords based on your search query.
  3. - google trends is a great tool for find new trending topics and keywords.
  4. - you would be surprised how much valuable information you can find on reddit. Search for your keyword here to get some relevant keywords that google keyword planner will never show you.
  5. - wordtracker is a great tool for picking “longtail” relevant keywords
  6. - this is one of our favorite keyword planners that has a lot of filtering options and perfect for finding “longtail” keywords.

Tips for picking the perfect target keywords

Here are some basic tips for optimizing your target keywords:

  1. Avoid highly competitive target keywords
  2. Target long tail keywords
  3. Avoid too specific target keywords
  4. Spend a small budget on PPC to find out which keywords people use to reach you.
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Garmin express

garmin express - Garmin express is a software application designed by the company to update, install and manage all the garmin devices from your desktop only.

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