SEO insights are the building blocks for your SEO rating. Every SEO Module provides its own SEO insights.

For example SEO Module URL will introduce the following SEO insights:

  1. validate if seo keyword is empty
  2. validate if seo keyword is duplicate
  3. validate the length of seo keyword
  4. validate if target keywords are in seo keyword
  5. validate consistency of seo keyword (spaces or hidden symbols)

All these insights are evaluated per page, per language and inform you of the SEO issues available on the page.

These insights can be seen in admin on product, category, manufacturer or information page as well as on the frontend on any page you visit.

Keep in mind that some custom pages like checkout or cart should be hidden from google index so you do not need to bother with the SEO rating on such pages.

SEO Rating per page
Learn how optimized the page is with a SEO rating that is calculated based on all the SEO insights....
Multi Language url support for SEO rating
The SEO Rating and insights are calculated per page with multi language support. ...
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