SEO Module Adviser

SEO Module Adviser
SEO module Adviser
Your personal SEO adviser inside opencart 24/7
Valuable SEO Insights
With SEO adviser you get valuable tips and insights on how your opencart store should be optimized per page, helping you increase your SEO rating and grow your search traffic. You will never miss a single SEO opportunity.
Seo adviser is responsible for calculating your SEO rating based on all the SEO insights, gathered from other SEO modules. Every SEO module you install adds their own insights so the SEO adviser gets smarter all the time.
Supports Admin Toolbar
Now you can view all the insights directly on you frontend. Browser your webshop as an admin and immediately see the SEO rating as well as details on how to improve it. Click edit to implement the changes. It is that easy.
Feel something is missing – just add it. You can improve the SEO rating by adding you own seo insights. With our built-in API, and detailed documentation, it is easy to get started.
SEO rating
This module adds more insights to your SEO Adviser that go into your SEO rating. So you can be sure to optimise your Meta like a pro.
Install with Shopunity
Download and install shopunity module
Register here if you still haven’t done it
Connect your store in the shopunity admin panel inside your opencart store
Start installing modules from our market
Full list of features
  • Multi store
  • Multi language
  • Premium Support
  • Edit meta for category, product, manufacturer and information pages
  • Meta data includes: title, meta description, meta keyworks, custom title h1, custom image title, custom image alt
  • Automatic generation of meta data
  • Customize meta per item of category, product, manufacturer and information pages
  • Installable via, extension installer or FTP
  • Edit Home meta data
  • Edit Specials meta data
  • Clear all feature
  • Simulator
  • Add symbols to your meta to increase CTR
  • Insert h2 in product description
  • SEO URL widget included
  • SEO toolbar widget included
  • SEO rating insights for meta included


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Last Update6 Apr 2017