SEO Module PRO

SEO Module PRO
SEO module Complete
All SEO features in one professional Solution
We have created the first Extensible SEO module, where you can plugin modules to add features. With this approach our Extension already has all the features of all available extensions on the market and more.
Why us?
Over the Years we have developed hundreds of module, some of the most bestselling extensions like Ajax Quick Checkout and most complex frameworks like Visual Designer
Over 100 000
customers worldwide
From over 50 countries use our extensions
Over 5 Years with Opencart
We gathered the knowhow to create outstanding extensions
Best selling extensions
Best selling extensions In the period of 2015-2017
Over 100 of modules
With Shopunity, you can install all our modules with a click of a button
Highly rated
All our modules have been highly rated thanks to constant improvement
Best support
We have the best support on the market with free installation and free module support
Don't miss out on customers from Google
With our state of the art SEO solution, you will not only get all the features on the market and more, you will also know how to use them properly to reach the best results.
70-80% ignore paid ads
Users ignore paid adds and click on organic search results
75% stay on the first page
Users never scroll past the first page and usually stay on the first screen
93% come from search
Search engines are the #1 traffic driver beating social media by more then 300%
Why pick the SEO Module
SEO Module
Implements the SEO Module API which allows other SEO Module to implement their features.
With 9 Features:
  • Implementation of the SEO Module API
  • Implementats Target keywords for Product,
  • Category, Information and Manufacturer
  • Implements Target keywords for Custom pages
  • .htaccess editor
  • .robots.txt editor
  • OpenCart AJAX comment fixes
  • OpenCart Search Tag Fix
and more...
SEO Module URL
Add multi-language urls, auto generate urls and customize them.
Over 18 Features:
  • Multilingual urls – everywhere! Like really – everywhere
  • Custom pages URL (ex. route=checkout/checkout => /checkout) Url Generator with flexible placeholders
  • Dashboard Widget for monitoring broken urls and duplicates
  • Transliter – make your urls correct in latin
  • Canonical setup the right way (with support of pagination)
  • 404 broken links fixer
  • Long or short urls option
  • Alternative links - language href tag and more
and more...
SEO Module Manager
Manage your SEO data with ease, export/import data from all SEO Modules.
Over 30 Features:
  • Manage all SEO data in one place, from product title, to URL keywords
  • Export/Import with Excel – all the parameters can be exported. Multilanguage supported
  • Flexible editor – show/hide fields you really need
  • Flexible exporter – show/hide fields
  • Extensible – when adding another module, like Blog module, the data will be avalible for edit in the Manager as well
and more...
SEO Module Adviser
Get SEO advices directly in each page. Monitor your SEO Rating.
With 12 Features:
  • 24/7 automatic SEO adviser right in your webshop
  • Calculates SEO Rating
  • Displays current SEO issues
  • Supports Toolbar to display SEO Adviser rating on frontend
  • Supports all pages and custom pages
and more...
SEO Module Meta
Add meta management to your OpenCart. Auto generate metas and customize them.
Over 24 Features:
  • Added missing metas to Manufacturer, Product, Category and information
  • Smart Generator of meta data with flexible placeholders
  • Custom edit per page all the metas with multilingual support
  • Customize h1, h2 tags
  • Image meta support: generate alt, title and image name
  • Clear all option
  • Edit index/nofollow tag
  • Supports SEO adviser and adds SEO rating insights
and more...
Install with Shopunity
Download and install shopunity module
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Connect your store in the shopunity admin panel inside your opencart store
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