Welcome to the SEO Module

This is the first SEO module from our line of SEO extensions. There are more:

  1. SEO Module Urls
  2. SEO Module Meta
  3. SEO Module Adviser
  4. SEO Module Manager
  5. SEO Module Blog
  6. SEO Module Copy write (coming soon...)
  7. SEO Module Links (coming soon...)
  8. SEO Module Microformats (coming soon...)
  9. SEO Module Analytics (coming soon...)
  10. Something even cooler...

All SEO Modules rely on the SEO Module API which is implemented with the first installation of SEO Module. This allows us to separate concerns and let every SEO module focus on their task.

The SEO Module has the following fetures:

  1. Implements SEO API
  2. Introduces Target Keywords
  3. Manage Target keywords with Excel
  4. Quick setup feature
  5. Multi store field settings
  6. .htaccess editor
  7. robots.txt editor
  8. SEO Url activator in Opencart
  9. Tag search fix
  10. Comment js fix

You can learn more by visiting the SEO Module feature list

SEO Module Manager Instructions
SEO Module Manager Instructions...
SEO Module Blog Instructions
SEO Module Blog Instructions...
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