SEO Modules

Introducing the full list of Opencart SEO Extensions that will change the way you manage your SEO. As part of the SEO Module ecosystem, ever SEO Extension connects to the main SEO API, as well as offers it's own API and there for is extendible as well.

SEO Module

SEO Module

The heart of the SEO Module Ecosystem

  • Implements the SEO Module API
  • Adds Target Keywords to Product,
  • Category, Manufacturer, information and static pages,
  • .htaccess file editor robots.txt file editor

SEO Module Adviser

SEO Module Adviser

Your personal professioanl SEO adviser 24/7

  • Adds SEO rating per page
  • Notifies you about all SEO issues
  • Displays a frontend toolbar widget
  • Gets smarter with every SEO Module

SEO Module Manager

SEO Module Manager

Now you can manage all your SEO data from one place

  • User-friendly editor for all SEO data
  • Excel Export/Import for all SEO
  • Other SEO modules can add their data
  • Flexible setup with show/hide feature

SEO Module Meta

SEO Module Meta

Adds missing Meta data to your products, categories and more.

  • Adds h1, h2, image alt and title
  • Autogenerates Metas with placeholders
  • Adds Meta Robots feature
  • Adds Description and more to Manufacturers

SEO Module PRO

SEO Module PRO

All in One SEO pack - all modules included

  • SEO Module Url
  • SEO Module Meta
  • SEO Module Manager
  • SEO Module Adviser

SEO Module Url

SEO Module Url

Take control of your SEO Urls forever

  • Multilanguge SEO Urls
  • Supports other modules like Blog
  • Canonicals, hreflang, Pagination
  • Unique urls, 404 redirect, Dashboards
Frequently Asked Questions

What SEO Module is right for me?

To get the full SEO performance, you should definitely opt for SEO Module Complete since it has all the SEO Modules inside. Yet, if you feel like targeting only one specific part of your sites SEO, you can go by every SEO Module. 

Why do I need to Install Shopunity and SEO Module Free?

We use Shopunity to speed up our development cycle and offer the latest updates in a one click of a button So you will need to install Shopunity first. We have developed the first SEO solution that can be extended over time thanks to its built-in API. All our SEO Modules rely on this API which is installed together with SEO Module Free. So for other SEO Modules to work you need to have SEO Module Free installed and activated as well.

How do I  try the SEO Modules before I purchase?

We have created a one of a kind testing environment for you. You can Try all our SEO modules by going to Test Drive and signing up for a test. You will then receive an email with a link to a newly setup OpenCart shop where you can activate and use a freshly installed SEO Module. 

How do I get Support?

We offer a free installation to all our SEO modules. So simply visit our Support page and send us a Support ticket with the required access data. Our developers will assist you as soon as possible and help you get started in no time.

I have another SEO extension, will that be a problem?

Absolutely not. We will help you remove or deactivate that extension and install the SEO Module. Our SEO module is developed in such a way, that it basically doesn't modify any core files. So even if you have another SEO extension, our SEO module will be the first to catch the request and return the result.

I have a big shop with lots of products and categories, will this be a problem?

We have developed the SEO Module with speed in mind. We hash most of the SEO results allowing us to respond as quick as possible. As part of our support, we will also help you setup the SEO module in the best possible way.

What can SEO Modules for Opencart do?

SEO modules are the result of several years of SEO experimenting and opencart development.

The list of features and functionality amounts to over a hundred. This is by far the most feature rich Opencart SEO Pack available on Opencart.

We new from the start that one opencart seo extension can not fit all the features and even if it managed to - it would become extremely hard to manage and modify. So we did what is known in computer science the Divide and conquer algorithm.

Divide and conquer algorithm means to break down a large problem into small bits until each small problem could be solved directly. The is why we have the following extension:

  1. SEO Module - basic features plus the core API for other SEO modules to plug-in and play)
  2. SEO Module URL - responsible for everything which has to do with SEO urls. It also provides a api for other modules to add auto-generation features for ulrs.
  3. SEO Module Meta - covers html meta tags and also H1 and H2 in the body.
  4. SEO Module Manager - this module allows you to edit any SEO parameter with extremely fast and also export/import them with excel.
  5. SEO Module Adviser - this module allows other modules to add rules to check your SEO rating at all time. So you could keep track of progress of your SEO.
  6. SEO Module copywriter (in production) - helps you write awesome SEO proofed copy. It validates uniqueness and advises you on the amount of content you need.
  7. SEO Module links (in production) - control you internal and external links by calculating link juice and correcting its flow.
  8. SEO Module snippet (in production) - Increase your CTR by creating beautiful rich snippets for google, bing, facebook, twitter, pinterest and more.
  9. SEO Module analytics (in production) - Analyse your performance over time and see what change create the results
  10. SEO Module Sitemap - a more advanced sitemap for all those products, images and blog posts.
  11. SEO Analyzer - a full SEO analyser tool that allows you to check your opencart SEO score and give valuable insights on how to improve your SEO.

Become an Opencart SEO Modules Partner

We believe that the only way to reach perfection is by collaboration. We invite SEO companies and Opencart development teams to join us in revolutionizing opencart.

Our Partners will receive a free 1 year SEO Module Pro license and -50% discount for their clients.

If you would like to become an Opencart SEO Modules Tester, please contact us at We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The Dreamvention team.