We are the first SEO extension to add a frontend toolbar widget. We use a module d_toolbar to display this SEO widget to you.

When you are logged in as an Admin, you will start seeing a blue bar on the top of the page. In that toolbar you will see SEO rating score. If you hover over it, you will see warnings and danger items that need to be addressed by you to improve your SEO rating.

This score is calculated per page on every load. This could reduce the load time of your pages but only to you, no the visitors or google. So you do not need to worry about speed.

You should try to keep your SEO score above 0.9. That is your goal. Keep it up and you will be a SEO guru in no time.

Multi Language url support for SEO rating
The SEO Rating and insights are calculated per page with multi language support. ...
SEO Module Adviser API
Install third-party extensions that support the SEO Module Adviser API to add focused SEO insights and recalculate SEO rating....
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