Target Keywords (Focus keywords) are the words a phrases that your Page is optimized for to better rank in search results.

Quick Tip!

You can setup target keywords for every product, category, information and manufacturer directly when editing them.
For custom pages like Home or Special you can go to Admin / Extensions / SEO module / Custom pages tab

When you write any text, metas, urls and headings you should always have 3-5 keywords you would focus on.

You can learn more about how to plan you Target keywords here

Quick Tip!

Remember that your target keywords should be unique per page. You can use the SEO Module Dashboard widget for Duplicate Target Keywords to keep a lookout for duplicates.

Robots.txt Editor
Robots.txt is used by search bots as recommendations before indexing your website....
Export & Import Target Keywords for Custom Pages
Use Excel to manage your custom pages target keywords....
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